27 October 2007

This Week's Smash In Review

Inspired by the recent slew of Smash Brawl news, I've had a sudden resurgence of Smash Melee play. I wish Melee had some kind of replay feature; I've been dominating Jason and Justin all week. The three of us (well, two and a ginger snap) have been playing every day this week and rounded out tonight's evening with a solid two hour session of beat downs.

Nothing but strict 1v1, no/low items, tournament stages, of course.

I started to get some practice in across the board, but after a couple hours I decided I wanted to focus on Mewtwo and Bowser. Oh yes, I've finally decided that Bowser is playable. Mewtwo is money in 1v1 and always has been, but Bowser takes a lot of focus and practice to win matches.
Some of my highlights from this week...
- 2 kills with Bowser's flame breath
- a 6-hit combo in a Peach vs DK match
- a Meteor Smash kill in a Mewtwo vs Luigi
- a perfect game using Jiggly's "wall of pain" against Jason
- Donkey Punching a green shell all the way across the stage and connecting
- Using Mewtwo's stun followed by a baseball bat =)

I'm thrilled with all the new characters announced for Smash Brawl so far, however I'm at a loss why there are now three characters from the Kirby universe. I'm all for a large hammer wielding character type, but King Dedede? Really?


  1. Mewtwo and Bowser suck. Get over it.

  2. You can't stand that I win with Mewtwo. Just wait until I start crushing you every game with Bowser.