29 November 2007

road trip to keystone

we are on our way from ft collins to the keystone resort!

21 November 2007

Rock Band Launch Party (short post)

Quick post for Rock Band party linkage.

Pics at picasa
2007.11.20 Rock Band Launch Party

Videos on youtube

Full post coming later!

10 November 2007

Team Fortress 2 Cosplay At GameTap

Has everyone seen the photos of game development studios dressing up as Team Fortress 2 characters? There are some really outstanding costumes among them...

LucasArts , Blizzard , Volition

So, we at GameTap decided we didn't want to be left out and put together this truly spontaneous cosplay effort-

2007.11 Misc

My favorite parts are Gerald with his hand over his eye as the Demo, me with the lighter as the Pyro, and Jason in the back as the Sniper.

09 November 2007

mobile blogging from my new phone

I got my new phone this week- the HTC 8925 or ATT Tilt. It is a very bad ass Pocket PC running windows mobile 6, with features like 3G network access, GPS w/ navigation, bluetooth,slide out keyboard, touchscreen, and 3MP camera. Oh yeah its got a phone too. I am quite pleased with it as it dwarfs my previous device like nuclear power to fire.

lessee if i can take a picture and add it to this post

hmmmm it works but it puts the code at the top of my post and i cant figure out how to relocate a body of text yet... so i moved the pic afterwards on my pc.

ooooo the other neat thing i have now is Agile Messenger which lets me use AIM and gtalk on the go! this phone can do so much, its crazy. i'll write more on its features later!

05 November 2007

Girl in the Rear View Mirror

Locked in mortal coil
Cycling heat between our bodies, endlessly
Once we leave this place
Our time together is through
No one moves

A long embrace, a passionate kiss
And I start to drive away
The crimson glow of my brakes
Illuminates her face
I see her one last time
The girl in the rear view mirror

01 November 2007

My Forearm is on Fire

I just finished Metallica's "One" on expert for the first time and I can actually feel heat emanating from my forearm. Seems all ya gotta do is star power that one insane fast solo section and the rest of the song is cake.

Last song to beat before playing the devil is Slayer's "Raining Blood"!


Happy Halloween! A couple of us went to The Earl for food and drinks. James dressed as Space Ghost, KT as Lara Croft, and I ... put some random things on. Jason and Tony decided they wanted to be boring =)

JD > Free Candy
2007.10.31 Halloween