09 November 2007

mobile blogging from my new phone

I got my new phone this week- the HTC 8925 or ATT Tilt. It is a very bad ass Pocket PC running windows mobile 6, with features like 3G network access, GPS w/ navigation, bluetooth,slide out keyboard, touchscreen, and 3MP camera. Oh yeah its got a phone too. I am quite pleased with it as it dwarfs my previous device like nuclear power to fire.

lessee if i can take a picture and add it to this post

hmmmm it works but it puts the code at the top of my post and i cant figure out how to relocate a body of text yet... so i moved the pic afterwards on my pc.

ooooo the other neat thing i have now is Agile Messenger which lets me use AIM and gtalk on the go! this phone can do so much, its crazy. i'll write more on its features later!


  1. Holy crap that phone sounds awesome. Give me some numbers (as in price numbers). What plan did you get? Do you have to pay monthly for the GPS?

  2. the htc 8925 retailed for about $500 when I bought it, though you can get it for $300 if you start a new plan with AT&T or qualify for an upgrade phone if you already have service with them. i think my phone plan is $30 and my data plan is $40 for unlimited usage and 1500 text msgs per month. i don't believe there is a charge to use the GPS device, only a charge for navigation applications. however Google Maps for mobile devices is free and makes use of the GPS system.