10 November 2007

Team Fortress 2 Cosplay At GameTap

Has everyone seen the photos of game development studios dressing up as Team Fortress 2 characters? There are some really outstanding costumes among them...

LucasArts , Blizzard , Volition

So, we at GameTap decided we didn't want to be left out and put together this truly spontaneous cosplay effort-

2007.11 Misc

My favorite parts are Gerald with his hand over his eye as the Demo, me with the lighter as the Pyro, and Jason in the back as the Sniper.


  1. Hah, google alerts crawled this post.

  2. I don't know what's more awesome- the fact that you guys had the best TF2 costumes out of anybody, or the fact that nobody has touched the whiteboard since I visited.

  3. Maybe next year everyone will be able to afford the real costumes...here's to hoping at least.

  4. next year we should dress up as characters from GameTap titles and have our version of "Super Smash Bros"