30 January 2008

I might be on TV!

I can't say anything yet, but I just did an interview for a pilot television show. They tell me it will air regardless if it gets picked up or not, so I'll let you know when it does! The show is geared at looking inside the game industry for young adults to get an idea of what kind of jobs exist. I'm told it will air on television in addition to being seen in the classroom.

I was calm right up until the camera started rolling, but after a few questions I did OK. It's exciting to be on camera, but I'm always nervous about looking like a buffoon until I see the final cut.

More details later...


  1. Well, first commentary for a gametap blog, and now a television interview. You're moving up in the world. :P

  2. Can you get me George Clooney's autograph? Or, Colin Firth?