26 January 2008

My Inspiration

Attention, Internets. I love this woman:

She is my inspiration, my motivation, and she adds positive energy to my life.

I wrote a poem for her just now using Magnetic Poetry Online, called "The Winds Whisper".

I'd also like to dedicate some songs to her; songs that make me think of her when I hear them.

Hilary Duff - "Why Not"
Liz Phair - "Why Can't I"
The Beatles - "She Loves You"
Muse - "Unintended"
Frou Frou - "Must Be Dreaming"
Gaelic Storm - "She Was The Prize"
Snow Patrol - "Chasing Cars"
The Turtles - "So Happy Together"
Two Week Notice - "Threehundred and Twenty"


  1. i love you so much! but seriously, sweetie, hilary duff? :)
    you are wonderful

  2. Katy says Muse is awesome (and so is Hilary Duff) and that the poem is cute but that she doesn't really understand it.

    the whole family said a chorus of "awwwwww" (the type of awwww said when seeing unbelievably cute puppies)!

  3. if that wasnt sweet i would bust on you so bad