08 January 2008

My Love for Muse

Last year was a great year for music in my life. I started an initiative for myself to further explore bands that I may only know by name or a couple hit songs. The world of music is intensely massive and I decided that my rate of discovery was too small. So, I ramped up my acquisition of new tunes! Lo and behold, it didn't take long for me to discover my all-time favorite band. Who might that be?


I was first introduced to Muse in 2004 when a friend recommended a song to me on iTunes. It was the track "Muscle Museum" from their first album, Showbiz. When she was showing it to me, I wasn't paying that much attention, but added it to my library anyway. A couple weeks later, it played in Shuffle mode and I when I heard it I thought, "Good GOD, what is this aural nirvana?" The song has very passionate vocals, delivered by Matthew Bellamy's often high-pitched and crooning voice. It also features some excellent combinations of piano and electric guitar.

Naturally, you'd think after finding something I enjoyed, I'd go out and experience the rest of the band's material, right? I tried. I previewed other Muse songs on iTunes, but from those 30 second samples, I couldn't identify with the music. So, I kept "Muscle Museum" in my playlist and moved on. Fast forward to 2007. Nigel, a friend and co-worker insists that I watch a music video on YouTube. It was "Knights of Cydonia" on the latest Muse album Black Holes and Revelations. This music video is made of awesome. A fantastic blend of Spaghetti Western film parody, over-the-top rock ballads, unicorns, and lasers. 'Nuff said, just click the link. Stage6 link This song is also featured in Guitar Hero 3.

Anyway, after seeing this video, I was compelled to learn more about Muse. I bought Black Holes and Revelations and was immediately hooked. I couldn't believe what I was missing out on. I partially blame the 30 second previews on iTunes as a poor way to check out new music, but honestly I think there was a certain point in my musical listening that before it I wouldn't have liked Muse that much. And when I was checking them out in 2004, that point hadn't yet been reached. Perhaps a certain emotional state or maturity is required to feel their music. Maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about and I just love Muse...

I highly recommend Muse, but I realize they aren't for everyone. I love their intense sound... I'm captivated whenever I listen to them. Some of my favorite tracks are:

Muscle Museum

Origins of Symmetry
New Born
Space Dementia
Plug In Baby
Citizen Erased

Map of Your Head
Shine Acoustic

Time is Running Out
Stockholm Syndrome

Black Holes and Revelations
Take a Bow
Supermassive Black Hole
Map of the Problematique

Ok, one more video link. I discovered this one quite recently. Their live performance looks INCREDIBLE. I truly hope I'll get to see them play live one day.

<3 <3 Matt Bellamy <3 <3

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