05 February 2008

En Guarde!

I started fencing lessons yesterday! My folks bought me a month of lessons at a local fencing school that has trained Olympic competitors. I was waiting for February to roll around so I could start with a new beginners class.

I showed up at least a half hour early and bristled with excitement for the class to begin. Most of the students there were long term members and sparred most of the time I was there. Only two other guys had signed up to start that day and they were pretty cool guys. The coach we had was amazing. He's my age, but has been fencing since he was eight. He was a lot of fun to exercise with and get training from.

The class was 1.5hr and we spent about 20 mins exercising and warming up. Then we received 20-30 mins of instruction on stance and moving. Then the rest of the time we spent actually fencing each other!! =)

We even got to fence the instructor to three points! The first point went to the instructor... I didn't even see him move. The other two points went just as fast.

Fencing is amaaaaaaazing! It's great exercise, perfectly safe with the proper gear, very fast, and full of mind games. I'll have to get a picture of me in the gear next week.

p.s. while getting our gear on, one of the new guys says "hey david, when do I get a foil?" david, our instructor, replies "man they aren't foils, they're sabres." to which the guy says "ahhh, foiled again." yes, he said it with italics. and it was hilarious. david didn't think so =)


  1. So I can assume it isn't nearly as painful as snowboarding? Because now of course I'm going to be curious'd into taking fencing lessons.

  2. foiled HAH! man... i LOVE a cheesy joke, it made me laugh all over again, even though you've already told me the story. I'm so glad you had such a great time.

  3. Your joy makes my heart bubble with giddy-goo! I LOVE when a gift is a hit!