14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm so happy to have a loving girlfriend on V-Day! I decided to surprise Lisa and show up the night before at her apartment. I flew in to Denver around 930pm and took a shuttle up to her place. All the while I was being sneaky and sending her text messages and instant messages as if I were at home getting ready for bed. I stood outside her 2nd level apartment in the courtyard and sent her a picture from my phone of her front door with the message "Look familiar?" Within a minute she came out of her door and saw me down below. It was so romantic and movie-esque!

As a special treat, I brought her some strawberry-frosted donuts with sprinkles from Dunkin Donuts. She has been longing for one a long time since they don't have DD here in Fort Collins. Her present to me was a pack of Skittles that requires some explanation...

We discovered we both had a funny history with Skittles... liking the red and purple Skittles best, sharing them with her dad and me with my mom... So I thought it was sweet when she got me a pack for V-Day. Little did I know there was more to it! Today I'm sitting here on the couch with my laptop and the TV on watching classic romance movies on AMC. I decided to open the Skittles and enjoy. I'm fanatical about looking at Skittles as I eat them so I know what flavors to expect. So I was pleasantly surprised when the first two I pulled out were both purple. Then the two after that were both red. Good start! Then a red and a purple... wait a minute. I looked into the pack and saw nothing but red and purple Skittles. WTF?? At first I thought maybe all the red and purples were on the top, but that didn't make any sense. Then I started looking at the pack, wondering if it was some special order package where you pick the flavors you want... no it's definitely a regular pack of Skittles. How the hell did she get nothing but red and purples in there?! Upon close inspection, I discovered the top of the package didn't quite line up perfectly. Touche, Lisa, touche.


  1. I know i told you this before at lunch, but i'm going to say it again for everyone else to know how great you are: BEST VALENTINE"S DAY EVER, even better than my steak, beer and die hard party last year(and really, that was an epic event). and you're STILL going to sweeten the deal by watching die hard with me to allow me to keep my tradition... when i heard you suggest that we make dinner and watch die hard tonight, i'm pretty sure i fell in love with you all over again :) if there is a boyfriend lottery, i hit the jackpot

  2. cooking dinner and watching die hard is her ideal v-day celebration. does it get any better?

  3. Touche, hm? you're really getting into fencing.

    V-day is blown horrifically out of proportion at high school. I saw girls toting balloons that took up half the hallway. My female friends (nothing more, mom, if you're reading this) gave me a teddy bear and some chocolate sweetheart candy, which I found to be greater than the world's biggest balloon

  4. I hadn't realized I had passed on what Dad considers to be my OCD relationship with Skittles. Can we talk about M&Ms now?!


  5. <3 You guys are the best. Also, Kyle, your lady friend digs you. Just sayin'.