27 February 2008

Jerry Holkins is One of My Heroes

Today's post at Penny Arcade is both laugh-out-loud funny and heartily poignant.

The back-and-forth argument of PC vs Console is a tired, fruitless effort. It's clear that industry folks and netizens alike are growing weary of the battle. At first glance, Jerry's post has anti-PC sway, but re-reading gems like "hand-built, precision twiddled machine" and "The 1.5 million sales of Orange Box on the console are, to them, something like a rounding error" make me laugh so hard that I know from where his roots grow.

The clash of Jerry and Mike's backgrounds at Penny Arcade will never get old for me, but it's because they make light of what is truly a never-ending crusade of fanboyism, rather than furthering the ridiculous tirades of forums around the net.

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