22 February 2008

My Ideal Laptop

2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Merom chip
2GB DDR2-800 RAM
120GB 5400RPM HDD, partitioned to OSX and WinXP
nVidia GeForce 8600 mobile
12"-14" screen, 1650x1050 resolution
802.11 b/g/n
<1" thick closed
4hrs of battery life

Where are you, my love?

I've owned a Dell Inspiron E1705 since August 2006 and it has served as my primary personal computer. When I specced it out, I knew it would serve as my gaming PC for at least two years. As such, it is more of a portable desktop in terms of weight, size, and power consumption. Its specifications aren't too far off from what I've listed above... but what I've designed above ditches many of the cumbersome aspects while maintaining flexible computing strength and much improved power consumption. It wouldn't serve as a high-res, high-fidelity gaming PC, but plenty of great games are playable with those specs. (Good PC games are now diverging into two big camps. One for "zomg grafix" and the other for intelligent, fun game design. Go go indies!)

Anyway, the current standard definition of what a laptop should have is dated. Apple is making progress towards the "new portable" that should replace current laptop concepts. More on the future of computing soon.

Edit: Naturally, seconds after I post this, I see this deal on SlickDeals. It's close, but short on RAM speed and size.

Edit 2: Ha, I configured the system to how I would like it and the total came out to $1,337. That is some kind of omen. After the $500 coupon it comes to $837. The timing of this is frightening. The only thing I'm sacrificing from my build up top is the 800MHz RAM (Dell is stuck on 667MHz). If I didn't own a laptop, I would hop on this deal so fast.

Edit 3: Of course it's a stupid idea to spend money on a slightly better laptop to get a smaller size. If I knew I could manually upgrade the RAM to DDR2-800 later, which is super cheap at Newegg, I could get this computer for myself and sell my current laptop to Lisa for very little and give her a sweet upgrade. Decisions, decisions.

Edit 4: OK OK, not buying a new computer that is virtually identical. Even if I could upgrade the RAM, another $100 makes the price less attractive. Whew.


  1. i didn't realise it was so much smaller, that is a benefit besides shiny and new. but let's face, i'm not an authority on computer buying... now if you needed some advice about multivariable calculus or a dose reconstuction after getting exposed to radiation, then i'm your girl

  2. You linked the macbook air?


  3. yeaaaaaah... the concept of Macbook Air is sound. i like the idea of a minimalist, fully functional notebook, but that price is twice what such a device should cost. wouldn't it be an attractive product at $900?