03 June 2008

Animoto = clapclapclap

First, check this out.

Those are pictures in my Picasa album, but I didn't make any of that! It is the handiwork of Animoto. It's a service that creates music videos based on your pictures. Videos that are far superior to any photo slideshow to date. The final product is nothing short of breathtaking! My mind is blown by the amount of aesthetic interest generated by adding some cool transitions and music to a set of pictures.

30-second clips are free to make. Full-length videos can be purchased for $3 each. Pictures can be imported from any major photo-hosting site. Videos are rendered on the Animoto servers and can be exported to YouTube or embedded in any major social networking site.

Animoto is seriously cool software. The burden of editing, compiling, and hosting is 95% of the work that goes into such a medium. For those interested in making slideshows for an event, a fond memory, etc, $3 is friggin' chump change in comparison to what you might pay an amateur film student for something like this.

If I had cyberspace arms and legs, I would give Animoto a standing ovation. Since I don't... /standing-o

1 comment:

  1. that's pretty fantastic. adobe premier costs, what, well above $300? You can make 100 handsome videos with that amount of money.

    think it registers the song's bpm, and creates the image transitions in beat?