15 July 2008

Joss Whedon's New Web Musical, "Dr. Horrible"

This was the best part of my day: Joss Whedon has produced a three-part web musical starring Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion called Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog.

And I love it.

The premise is simple. NPH plays Dr. Horrible, a wannabe villain on a mission to be accepted in the world's league of evil. He pines after a local girl in his city and is generally very like-able. Which is to say, he's not very good at being evil. During his latest get-evil-quick scheme, his plans are thwarted by brainless super hero Captain Hammer, as portrayed by Nathan Fillion.

The production value is fine; this is definitely a web series. I've heard that Whedon produced the entire three-part series for under six figures! Impressive. The songs are catchy and fun. The acting is stellar. C'mon, it's NPH and Nathan Fillion, what more do geeks want? They are the dreamiest geeky actors out there.

I promise I'm straight. Look! It's my fiancee.

P.S. Link to Dr. Horrible blog.
P.P.S. This is so popular that the site is probably down. Figures! Anyway, the series will only be hosted for free until the 20th. I recommend just getting it on iTunes. It's four dollars!