02 September 2008

Dr. Horrible Soundtrack Released

The Dr. Horrible soundtrack is now available on iTunes! For $10, you can sing along as Joss Whedon intended to all the wonderful songs from the short web series. Wait a minute. Ten bucks for the soundtrack? How much was the entire series on iTunes?

What the hell? The entire series is five bucks and today they release a sub-section of that product for twice the cost! This sounds like a scheme hatched by none other than the Doctor himself!

I certainly won't be buying the soundtrack on iTunes. I have an iPod; I can just as easily listen to the video tracks on it. Let's hope the inevitable DVD release includes a soundtrack you can transfer to your PC.

Must keep singing "Brand New Day"... =)

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE DR HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! for about two weeks id watch it every other day but that was about a month ago. i think its about time to watch it again.