21 November 2008

BattleStar Galactica: Round 2

I've been watching BSG for the second time around.  Lisa started the show recently and once I moved in with her, I was all too happy to share the experience.  Seeing her reactions to plot developments has been quite entertaining.  We just started the Cylon occupation of New Caprica. =)

It's been far too long since I travelled with the remnant of the 12 Colonies.  I watched the show from the premiere of the mini-series on SciFi and I've been hooked ever since.  I only ever watched the first half of season one twice and other than that, I've only seen the episodes once each.  It's been a lot of fun watching the show again.  I definitely forgot how good it can be!  The cast and crew have redemption cut out for them from the last season and to end with bang.  I have faith!

I've met the actors who have played all my favorite characters save for one... Katee Sackhoff.  At the most recent DragonCon, I had the pleasure of meeting Edward James Olmos and seeing again the familiar faces of Aaron Douglas, James Callis, and Jamie Bamber.  Mr. Olmos led the DragonCon attendees in a rallying cry of "So Say We All," which I have to say has been one of the nerdy highlights of my life.  I hope I see them one more time at a convention next year, once BSG has run its course, perhaps as a way of saying farewell.

I can't frackin' wait for January 16th!


  1. i guess i really am going to be caught up by then! we can watch it together :)

  2. I went to a wedding recently and hung out with Aaron Douglas. Nice guy, knows how to party. :)

  3. I remember the first panel I saw him at. He encouraged all the attendees to go drinking with him at the nearest bar. =)