17 November 2008

My Commitment Until 2009

One blog post a day. They may not be long, they may not be interesting, and they may not even have words, but that is my commitment for the rest of the year. I don't even know why I'm setting this goal for myself! Perhaps when I put off blogging until there's a subject I know I can write a couple paragraphs on, I skip too much. I wanted to participate in this year's NaNoWriMo, but realized I just didn't have the time, so maybe blogging every day is my way of making up for it.

On to tech stuff.

Today I disassembled my Dell Inspiron E1705 in order to clean out the gunk causing it to overheat. Thanks to the wonderfully convenience-oriented engineers at Dell, I had to take apart the whole damn thing to get at two fans. I followed this walkthrough to help take off the keyboard, LCD screen, and half of the chassis. Once inside, there was a solid build-up of human decay preventing my fans from pushing air through the heatsinks. Now the laptop can once again idle at safe temperatures without needing the fans. More importantly, it can play games again without overheating. Success!


  1. I love a good laptop dissection :D

  2. you left out the part that my much older dell had a fan easily acessable by two screws, dell conspiracy right?