10 December 2008

Beautiful Sight

Merry Christmas to me.

A couple months ago, my only storage drive died on me and guess what.... I had no back up drive.  Long story short, I was using my back up drive as my storage drive until terabyte drives fell under $100.  Oops.  You can now see that I'm no longer messin' around with data protection.  It does indeed happen to the best of us.

My motherboard has no onboard RAID chip (I know, I went cheap-o this time around), so I'm using SyncBack to synch all my files on SAMMY1 to SAMMY2.  It's a free app and I'm pleased with it so far.

My old data is probably not lost forever.  I called up a few hard drive recovery centers; they all said based on my described symptoms that the data could be salvaged.  However, the lowest quote I got was $485.  I couldn't bring myself to do it just now.  I have all of my music on my laptop and iPod.  Most of the pictures I cared about were uploaded  to Picasa.  Mostly what I'm missing is any work I did in college and some video footage that never made it to YouTube.  It's interesting to think that had I uploaded all of my pics and videos to the web, I really wouldn't have been hit that bad by a drive failure.  If privacy is no concern, there's no reason not to backup all of your files on the web!


  1. Whoo! Have you considered using Windows software raid? It works reasonably well, and it's an option since it looks like your Raptor is the system drive.

    Speaking of which - how do you like the Raptor? Is it loud and/or hot?

  2. I looked into it, but couldn't find the option to use mirroring.

    I do like the Raptor... noticeable performance gain in games. With no other sound in the room, the drive is audible when spinning. No heat issues to date.

  3. I too suffered a failed hard drive losing all my photos, college work, various documents, music, and other things I cannot even remember now. This just happened as I was preparing to reorg all my data for backing up. Using a trick that I have used several times in the past, I placed the drive in the freezer for a few hours. YES, the freezer. I can explain this in more detail some other time. I managed to recover all my photos while the drive was ice cold and some other data, but had to abandon the music collection as the drive was quickly reaching it end.

    Now I have data backed up to 3 locations and plan to move it online soon. Buy yeah, been there, done that.