13 December 2008

GameFly Mini-Review

The Bourne Conspiracy (PS3)

I wanted to like The Bourne Conspiracy.  Really.  I like the film trilogy and the game previews seemed positive enough.  When I played the demo a few months ago, it did it's job: I wanted to play the full game. 

The game's problem is simple.  More time and money went into the production values than the game design.  Each ten minute segment of the game went something like this:

- "Jason, you've got to sneak your way to point X"
- "Hey, there's the intruder!"
- 3 guys run up to you
- Fight them with the same 3-4 three-hit combos
- Proceed to tougher enemy
- Fight him for FIVE MINUTES using the same. 3-4. three-hit combos.
- Marvel at the "takedown" ability which looks cool and does more damage than a combo
- Win

That's all I did for two hours.  I'm sorry, but the gameplay is terribly shallow.  I know there's some driving elements later, but I couldn't stand to play any more of it.  The gunplay is mediocre although if an enemy gets close to you, mandatory close combat fighting happens until you defeat all nearby enemies.  Just awful design decisions here.  I don't know how anyone could playtest this and not slap the developers upside the head.

The context (of the first 2 hours) doesn't feel like the Bourne movies, either.  They tried to extend the story by having a few missions leading up to Bourne's amnesia.  A good move, but Bourne isn't about beating down legions of guards to get to his destination.  He's a smart protagonist, resorting to violence only when necessary.  This isn't conveyed in the game at all.

What's good about the game?  It looks good?  Like I said, the  game has good production value, but just isn't worth playing.  Get your fill of the demo and be satisfied.

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