05 December 2008

Gaming Tidbits

Three gaming blog posts caught my attention today.  

Rock Band
New DLC coming soon featuring 13 of 15 tracks from No Doubt's The Singles 1992-2003 album!  I always thought Rock Band could use a little No Doubt and now I can have two of my favorite songs from their Tragic Kingdom album... Don't Speak and Just a Girl!  Available for download (purchase (highway robbery)) this week.

Mirror's Edge
I haven't played anything more than the demo yet, but this trailer for an upcoming level pack looks quite interesting.  A major complaint from most reviewers was that the way the armed guards were implemented detracted from the true meaning of the game mechanics.  I can already tell it's going to bother me, too, when I get to play it.  However, this level pack seems to ditch the guards... and the city!  These levels look a lot like they were designed to test the free running controls without the burden of designing a complete cityscape.  As such... I feel like it's wrong to charge ten bucks.  If the whole game, with all its finished levels and production value, cost $60, how are a handful of gimmick levels worth $10?  I can't wait to play them as a free patch on the PC.

Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena
First off, if you never played Escape from Butcher Bay on the original Xbox, you are LUCKY that the game is being remade for 360.  The game just didn't get the attention or sales that it deserved.  If only more games were blessed with such an opportunity.  Anyway, it's not so much a remake.  It's kind of... a port with better graphics, a second single player chapter, and multiplayer modes.  One mode in particular caught my eye.
In "Pitch Black" mode, it's one-versus-all as one player is Riddick and the rest are the hunt.  The catch?  The entire level is lights-out and each hunter has a dinky flashlight and a pistol.  Riddick can see in the dark, so I'm dying to know how well this mode is implemented, how well the lighting system works in multiplayer, and so on.  I think it's an interesting concept and I'd certainly like to see it in action!

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