02 December 2008

Living Game Worlds IV

For the last couple of years, I've been attending the Living Game Worlds symposium, hosted by Georgia Tech. Once a year, GT hosts an academic event where students and faculty show off their latest projects and industry folks speak on panels to attendees. The head count is low, but honestly it's been nice to attend such an event because the demos are always fascinating and personal! Students and faculty are excited to show off their work and love to let attendees get hands-on if possible. Here are some pictures of Carey interacting with one such project that captures your form via camera and inserts you into a comic art style game.

Very interesting concept: you play as a human egg in the female reproductive system. After literally hopping over a gap, the player is presented with several sperm swimming around the screen. Hovering over a sperm with your hand, you can see a preview of the future child! Bizarre!

We saw some of the demos on our lunch break and returned in the evening for the keynote from Raph Koster. Mr. Koster was the lead designer for Ultima Online and a creative force behind Star Wars Galaxies. He prepared a delightful keynote taking us from old train yards in Spencer, NC to folk singing to the decline of the opera; always making interesting analogies to the games industry. I'm going to ask him if the video of the broadcast was recorded and if possible, get it up on YouTube. It was definitely worth hearing and has been the first thing in my life to make me miss college.

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