19 December 2008

Recently Consumed Media

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
The previews for this movie portrayed it as an average romantic comedy; a serious injustice.  Lisa saw this in theaters and explained to me how much more the movie has going for it.  Written by and starring Jason Segel, seen most recently in CBS's "How I Met Your Mother" (a great sitcom), FSM adds character depth to the romantic comedy.  Stereotypical characters become realistic with positive traits AND flaws.  Best example I can make without spoiling the movie- the two characters that would traditionally be disliked as antagonists in the generic romantic comedy possess qualities, motives, and stories that bring them closer to middle ground in the moral spectrum.  This makes all four characters likable, instead of using two throw-away characters to contrast the protaganists.  Bravo to Jason Segel for first recognizing this cliche and second for writing a story that fixes it.  The funnies are also solid; I was cackling for the duration!

Russian Spy Camera - Mutiny in the Kitchen with Knives
Stop reading this, click here, and get your free album straight from the band.  Fantastic indie rock album!  I was mesmerized from the moment I hit play.  Thanks to Davy @ Ohmpark for the heads-up!  Trivia - RSC was born in Athens, GA, and Lisa used to work with the lead singer's girlfriend.  

Liquid Tension Experiment
Dream Theater minus the singer makes for exquisite prog rock!  Basically the guys from Dream Theater put together a side project to rock some tasty jams.  Two albums were released in the late 1990s, Experiment 1 and Experiment 2.  I haven't listened to the second album yet, but a song titled "Chewbacca" has me interested...

T.I. - Paper Trail
Not my usual taste in music, but I am developing a small attraction to beats & rhymes.  T.I.'s Paper Trail has several fun songs to dance and sing along.  My favorites are "On Top of the World" and "Live Your Life."  Ludacris and Rihanna probably have something to do with those choices, not to mention the sampling from O-Zone's "Dragostea Din Tei!"  Numa numa yay!

This leads me to something I've been meaning to ramble.  You know how there is a lot of artist collaboration in the rap/hip-hop/R&B community?  I think it's great, from my limited perspective.  I don't know why it happens; part of me hopes these people enjoy working together and producing fun stuff.  I would love to see something like this happen in the game development community.  It's interesting to speculate what would come of certain people working together.  If you put Tim Schafer and The Behemoth guys in a room for 8 hours, what hillarity would come out?

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  1. ishould probably clarify that i don't know if they're still dating. I haven't talked to her in about a year. but they were together the whole year and a half we worked together