03 January 2009

BattleStar Galactica: The Board Game

Oh brother, I've been meaning to write about BSG:TBG since I got it for Christmas and now I don't know where to begin!  Let me start by thanking Josh and Casey again for finding it and gifting it to me for Christmas; I will cherish it always.

We opened the box together and began pouring over all the fun game pieces, thinking this game was mostly a simple one with the aim of fan service in mind.  Let me tell you, that is not the case.  Fantasy Flight Games produced this bad boy and it shows.  Quality board, full color images on everything, and a rule book that took me an hour to read!  

A breakdown of the game... human players take the roles of BSG leadership and are trying to find their way to Kobol.  Players, as a group, tackle a crisis each turn.  These crises represent the challenges of the fleet as seen in the series, such as food shortages, riots, or Cylon fleet attacks.  Players contribute cards from their hand in effort to overcome the crises and make their way toward Kobol with dwindling supplies.  Meanwhile, one or more players could secretly be a Cylon subtley laying sabotage to the group efforts until the time comes when they reveal themselves and join the Cylon fleet.  Their goal is to prevent the human players from reaching Kobol by reducing one of four resources to zero, blowing up Galactica, or successfully enabling a Cylon boarding party to the ship's demise.  

The genius of this game resides in the cooperative aspects.  Players are working together to win this game, a break from the norm where players are competing for some sole victory.  And while cooperation is the key to human success, there is always the threat of hidden Cylon player(s), working against the humans.  The suspicion that arises from every turn make for fun and entertaining table talk!  It makes for a unique board game experience that I've not encountered before.

So far, I've played the game three times, with only one human victory and two Cylon victories.  Good Cylon players do as much hidden damage as possible before revealing themselves and overtly working against human progress.  The game is so much fun to play that the victory is nearly irrelevant.  I feel as though I could play BSG:TBG fifty times, lose often, and still have fun each time.

I don't know how often we will get to play, but I definitely want to keep a BSG:TBG log of our experiences.  I'll write up the three games we've played to date and save them for rainy blog days.

In other BSG news, Lisa and I have only 3 more episodes left in season 4 before she is caught up.  Good timing - the final ten episodes start on January 16th!  So say we all!

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