04 January 2009

Beer Log - The Beginning

New feature for 2009!  I got it in my head that I should start reviewing and keep record of all the beers I enjoy in my travels.  Within the last year, I've finally been able to identify the qualities and aspects of beer that I like and apply it to new beer selection.  The biggest hurdle I've encountered on my journey is that American mass media only promotes mainstream beer, which in my opinion, is crap.  For the longest time, I associated beer with Budweiser, Miller, and Coors because that's what's advertised on TV, most available in restaurant chains, and so on.  I didn't like any of those beers so I had given up on the idea that beer was for me.  How wrong I was!  

It took a little Decatur pub and a friend's insistence that I try his beverage to forever change how I viewed beer.   Many thanks to The Brick Store Pub, Anthony, and Duchesse de Bourgogne for showing me the light!  

So far, my taste in beer tends to favor Belgian styles, white beers, and brown ales.  Some of my favorites so far:

I considered thinking long and hard about the last few beers I've had and writing about them in this initial post.  I decided against it because I'm too lazy to hunt them all down on BeerAdvocate.com (there's been 20+ new brews to me in the last two weeks) and if they made good impressions, they'll show up later on future Beer Log posts!  I will mention that I've tried several breweries new to me lately, and they are Sweetwater Brewing Company in Atlanta, and Green Man Ales, Highland Brewing, and Asheville Brewing Company in Asheville.  I can definitely recommend all four breweries (Green Man will likely be our pick to supply the wedding) for having at least 2-3 good recipes.

I'm a very lucky soul to live in Fort Collins, surrounded by several excellent microbreweries!


  1. You certainly never saw any of those crappy American beers in our refrigerator! I don't even like beer but I still manage to be a snob about what we serve to guests!

  2. If you find any good dark beers you'll have to let Doug know about them. We actually went to a microbrewery in Gardner, MA (near Grandma Ann's house) last weekend while Grandma Ann watched the kids. Doug enjoyed it very much...yea, I'm the odd woman out as I was drinking my tea...