22 January 2009

Beer Log - Unibroue Trois Pistoles

There was one bottle of Trois Pistoles left in the fridge from a mid-2008 beer run where we bought a four- or six-pack of individual Unibroue bottles.  I decided it would be a good sipping beer while playing some Warcraft.  

How right I was.  At 9% ABV, this is not a drinkable beer!  "Belgian strong dark ale" describes it perfectly.  Smells and looks good.  My tongue was often combating the taste of alcohol to find the caramel and molasses flavors.  It does have a decent aftertaste and did get better as I drank it.

Not my favorite beer, but it is good for a strong dark ale.  If there were a little less alcohol in it, I think I would enjoy the flavor more.

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