08 January 2009

Battlestar Galactica Report: Game 1

Players: Ryan (Baltar), Lisa (Starbuck), Josh (Tyrol), and Casey (Tigh)

Ah, the first game of BattleStar Galactica: The Board Game.  We spent most of the time referencing the rule book, but it wasn't any less interesting.  Play was pretty slow as we were constantly reading the cards in our hands, the abilities on our character sheets, and discussing how frakked we were.  Cylon fleets were everywhere (our first crisis card was '33') and we were still figuring out how best to deal with raiders.  Due to a lack of suspicious behavior, there was little in the way of Cylon accusation in the first half of the game.  

Then we hit the Sleeper Agent phase.  Lisa pulled the Sympathizer card and fortunately we had just recently dipped a resource into the red zone (otherwise she would have joined the Cylon team right then).  We did throw that frakkin' toaster lover in the brig, though!  Our concerns shifted rather quickly as Josh asked for the rule book after receiving his second Loyalty card (the ones that tell you whether or not you're a Cylon).  Uh oh.  On my next turn, I used my special power to look at Josh's Loyalty cards.  Definitely uh oh.  Baltar's Cylon detector actually worked.  Being our first game, I did not immediately reveal to Casey and Lisa that Josh was a Cylon.  That was a mistake.  Josh used his next turn to reveal himself and overtly work against us from the Cylon fleet.  

The next couple rounds went significantly poorer than the earlier rounds, as the Cylon player can do much more damage once revealed.  Naturally, we had a tougher time dealing with the crises that came up with one less player.  Josh did a good job of relentlessly keeping Heavy Raider and Centurion boarding party pressure on us.  He waited until we were low on cards before he used his Super Crisis Card which boned us into having two additional boarding party tokens.  Then he tried to end the game by forcing as much boarding party progress as possible.  The humans were barely lucky enough to eek out the last FTL jump to victory before the boarding parties took over the ship!

We had a good laugh after the game when we realized there are only two of each skill card type!

Humans 1 - Cylons 0

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