12 January 2009

Battlestar Galactica Report: Game 2

Players: Ryan (Boomer), Casey (Tigh), Jason (Tyrol), Steve (Helo), Lisa (Roslin)

Game 2! Steve and Jason joined us for this round at a good-sized holiday party at Casa de Manglass.  Neither of them were fans of the show, but this turned out to be a good thing.  It proved to me that this game is completely enjoyable without being a fan of the series!  Excellent news.

Setup and play went much faster, considering how much there is to explain and how many pieces and cards there are.  Jason grasped the Cylon concepts pretty quickly and Steve was able to watch a few turns before playing since Helo skips the first round.  (I love when the game rules reflect show plotlines and lore.  It's not gimmicky or game-breaking.)

Cylon activity was little to none in the first half of the game.  I recall only one skill check having three negative cards in the result ( a sure sign of an active Cylon) before the Sleeper agent phase.  This was enough of a tip off to get the humans suspicious of each other; a great early play for unrevealed Cylons.  

Lisa played a good President game, using her skill cards for checks while making use of the Quorom deck on her turn.  The rest of us did a decent job fending off the waves of Cylon fleets in space.  Casey was more than pleased to be a nuke-happy alcoholic.  I was thrilled at how effective Boomer's recon ability is for scouting crises (and how destructive it could be in the hands of a sleeper Cylon.

Things got a little hairy when Galactica was boarded by some heavy raiders.  It was right around this time that President Lisa Roslin revealed herself.  Crap.  Revealed Cylons are deadly when the ship has been boarded; they can use their turn to push the boarding party one step closer to ending the game.  That, plus any other heavy raider crises that come up on human players' turns means that a boarding party can end the game very quickly.  

Once again, I put off writing this too long and I've forgotten the end game.  Jason turned out to be a frakkin' toaster, too, but I think this happened after we dealt with the initial boarding party.  Somehow, we got another boarding party, probably from a Super Crisis Card, and then the Cylons pushed the boarding parties to our demise.  Frack.

I remember suspecting Steve of being a Cylon for the whole game... he was too smiley and coy when accused.  I had no clue Lisa was a Cylon.  She acted genuinely upset when the humans were threatened.  Jason also played it cool when he got his Cylon loyalty card.  I think his history of poker came into play.

Overall, this game played out in favor of the humans - only one Cylon on the first deal, good jump timing and resource management, little to no brig action - but they were just plain unable to deal with the significant heavy raiders and boarding parties.  We were still learning the game and use of powers & skill cards.  Good game!

Humans 1 - Cylons 1

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