06 January 2009

Play N Trade

Have you been to a Play N Trade store yet?  It's like a GameStop, but not evil.  Really!

Lisa and I paid a visit to a Georgia PNT store looking for a copy of Wii Play for her mom.  I figured the store was a GameStop clone, but what a difference!  The interior is tidy, there's little audio/visual noise, and games are treated with respect.  I certainly didn't feel like I had entered a pawn shop, as I do in a GameStop.

This particular store had about eight game stations setup with different titles in each.  Older consoles going back to the original NES were on display almost like it was a hands-on museum.  Heavy waves of nostalgia struck me as I looked over a NES, SNES, Dreamcast, and several classic controllers.  Classic games from NES and up were displayed on shelves and at reasonable prices!  

I didn't check out their values on trade-in titles or for how much they sell used games.  Stores are split... some are corporate-run and others are franchises.  Thus, there is no centralized online store to check prices.  Anyone know if PNT gives decent value for trade-ins?  Do they charge full price minus five bucks for used titles, like GameStop?

Something else I noticed on the way in - they do weekly tournaments!  Nice!  Talking to Lou, he mentioned they do tournaments as well as rent the place out for LAN parties and the like.  Good stuff.  Actually PLAYING the games in-store is a big win in my book.

A quick look at the Wiki page for PNT, I just noticed they also do pre-purchase trials.  Quote from Wikipedia - "where customers can play any game in the store prior to purchasing it."  Wow!  That's what I'm talking about!  There are several games I wouldn't need to play via GameFly if I could just play for 20 minutes in the store.

Ever been to a PNT?  What did you think?  This is a franchise I would seriously consider running.

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