11 February 2009

Battlestar Galactica Report: Game 4

Players: Ryan (Starbuck), Tony (Baltar), Carey (Tyrol), Justin (Helo), Tessa (Roslin), Matt (Tigh), James (Apollo)

Ugh.  Guess who put this off too long.... this guy.  The highlight of this game was Tessa.  Most masterfully played Cylon player to date.  She was the President and a Cylon from the very beginning and no one EVER suspected her.  She did a wonderful job of putting doubt on several other human players.

We had to improvise upon the rules for this game.  We accidentally setup seven people to come over and play without realising the game only supports six.  I don't remember how, but we managed to deal an additional Not Cylon card and played with two Cylons and the Sympathizer.  

Unfortunately, we ran out of time playing the game.  A couple folks had to turn in and we called the game without knowing really which side was winning.  The game momentum can change so rapidly that it's hard to predict a winner in BSG.

Something I'll never forget is Matt reading his second Loyalty card for more than five seconds, to which Tony points a finger and starts yelling, "Matt's taking too long to read his card! He's clearly a Cylon!"  And he was right. 

Humans 1 - Cylons 2

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