13 February 2009

BSG Report: Game 7

Players: Ryan (Baltar), Casey (Adm. Adama), Lisa (Starbuck), Josh (Tyrol)

Game 7 was a return to the original "cast" of players aka The Pod.  I brought back from my games in Atlanta some insight on rules clarifications and card strengths.  Most importantly that Raptor scouts and Investigative Committees are huge as well as the fact that the President does not lose his/her title when placed in the brig.

Overall, this game was heavy on Cylon fleet cards and light on skill checks.  As such, the Humans usually had the skill cards they needed and rarely failed skill checks.  It did mean, however, that there was generally a sizable Cylon threat in space for most of the game.  Lisa did a great job shooting toasters down in total Thrace style.  

The game did not get past round 2 without the Cylon reveal.  Seeing so many Cylons in space made it irresistable for me to hold back and I revealed.  I had the reveal bonus of choosing two damage tokens for Galactica, so I picked the FTL control as one of them, hoping to keep the humans from jumping away early.  Casey/Tigh got my presidency (a winning combination, for sure) and I was promptly airlocked.  

By the game's end, I regretted revealing so early.  To me, the game isn't quite the same without the Cylon suspicion element.  Being President Baltar, I had the best possible position to put suspicion on others.  My reasoning for revealing was that I thought there would be no other better point to reveal in the rest of the game.  In a five or six player game, there would still be another Cylon to covertly disrupt the human efforts, but in just a four player game, it felt like I was only rolling for Cylons and not really participating much in the game.  In future four player games, I will likely hold off on revealing in order to do more psychological and subtle damage.

The mid-game was pretty standard.  Towards the end, the humans had seven points of distance towards Kobol and picked up the Legendary Discovery crisis card.  If passed, this crisis card adds one to the humans' distance, meaning they would only have to jump one more time to win.  They were already at FTL prep spot #2, which means one more jump prep icon and they could jump early to win.  Unfortunately, such a prize is expensive and the humans did not have the skill cards necessary to pass the check.  The game ended when their final jump to reach eight points of distance dried up the remaining fuel, leaving them forever stranded in space.  Tigh probably would have nuked the fleet to prevent them from dying at the hands of the Cylons. :)

Humans 2 - Cylons 4

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  1. You forgot to mention two important details-
    ONE- if I were playing Tigh, we wouldn't have lost in the first place
    TWO- The humans have an unfair advantage in that they always have an admiral they can trust. I am always the admiral, never the cylon :)