16 February 2009


Burn After Reading
Hysterical dark comedy that resonates with the Coen frequency.  Great performances from the entire cast!  Starts off slightly slow but then takes off mid-way with a big finish.

American Psycho
James favorite movie.  Crazy novel adaptation where Christian Bale goes on an insane murder spree.  Impressive cinematography, sets, and costumes make this 2000 film look like it was really made in the late 1980s.  Amusing commentary on late 1980s upper class Wall Street businessmen.

In Bruges
Simply amazing film.  I wish I could write a story like this.  However, I can't decide if the coincidences are smart or contrived.  Either way, they are compelling.  This movie didn't come up on my radar until the Golden Globe awards and I am sooooo glad I've seen it now.  Glad to see Colin Farrell back on screen and taking things seriously.  He brings a likeable, star-crossed gunman to life.

Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay
The legendary return of Neil Patrick Harris playing his alter ego.  A couple other funny jokes, but not quite the original stoner comedy.

21 is a safe, predictable, formula of a movie.  The main actor is easy on the eyes; part Jake Gyllenhaal, part Tobey Maguire.  The math behind the card counting appealed to me the most and I wish they had done a little more with it.  Perhaps a scene after the explanation of the rules to see if the viewer can keep up.

Tekkon Kinkreet
Intriguing anime film from Studio 4°C, based on a manga.  It's drawing to a conclusion as I write this post.  Rare in my experience, but the English version is very good.  Interesting art style and some amazing shots for 2D animation.  GORGEOUS settings/backdrops.  I won't bother to present an interpretation of the plot! =)

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  1. I don't even know these movies. I guess I am just out of touch.