04 March 2009

On the move again

Here I am at the airport. Again. Off to atlanta for the usual weekend of reserve duty, but on sunday I won't be flying home to colorado... I'll be off to Paris! Yes I will be in the land of my new employers receiving training on some new software systems Gametap will be utilizing, as well as teaching some staff there about some of the systems we currently use. Then I will spend some more time in Atlanta regurgitating my new skills to those who were unable to come. Good times, but I wish Lisa could come with me.

In other news, our latest wedding decision has been made. We are spending our honeymoon in Vermont! Hope everyone received their save the date cards and found the travel info on our wedding website to be helpful.

Time to board! More to come soon enough...

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I received my Save the Date card.

    Vermont...what a lovely place to spend some time especially on a honeymoon. Where will you be staying?

    Paris!!!! To bad your parents couldn't hop on over for a quick visit.