12 March 2009

Paris Update

Half way through my Paris trip.  Working 12-hour days.  Not seen the city except for some restaurants and the outside of the Ministry of the Interior (is that funny? I think it's funny).

The architecture, people, and food are excellent.  Wouldn't mind working here more often (but WITH Lisa present).

I had lunch with one of my Metaboli counterparts today and it was a conversation three and a half years in the making.  It was so refreshing and funny to talk to Guillaume about all of the same frustrations we experience in our line of work.  Also kind of freaky to meet someone else in the world who has so many of the same work experiences and a similar personality!  It didn't help at all that he looks like Kyle in ten years.

Also, I ate a sandwich today that had chicken, arugula, and mayo.  Think about that for a second if you are familiar with my eating habits.

Last thing, the phrase "Tunisia is the new Romania, which was itself the new Dublin" came up at work today.  I can't make this stuff up.

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