05 April 2009

Beer Log: Defiant

I recently had the pleasure of trying some beer from Lisa's old stomping grounds, Pearl River, NY. Defiant Brewing Company had two truly delicious offerings for people who like sweet and sour beers.  The first one I had was their Grand Cru, which must go by some other name or just isn't listed on Beer Advocate.  The flavor immediately reminded me of something else I liked... but couldn't quite put my tongue on it.  After drinking half the brew, I realized that it reminded me of New Belgium's La Folie!  Not quite as strong or bitter, but the closest thing I've had to La Folie.  

The other brew I tried was the Abominal Snow Beer; a great name for sure.  This was one of the sweetest beers I've ever had, right up there with lambics.  Probably not for everyone, but as I said before, great for fans of fruity sweet beers.  

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