05 April 2009

I Watched the Watchmen

This one should really be a video blog, to show how animated I am about this film, but I know I couldn't contain myself to the YouTube ten minute rule.  

Watchmen was incredible!  I can't remember the last time I enjoyed every single aspect of a film.  Cast, direction, cinematography, story, sound effects, soundtrack, everything.  Zach Snyder is officially on my Awesome List.  Dawn of the Dead was decent, 300 was quite good, but this was amazing.  

I can't believe this movie lived up to the hype and my expectations.  I want to see it again already, with a copy of the novel in my hand.  There were several scenes that I want to freeze frame and look up directly in the novel to make comparisons.  That's how authentic the film is to its source.

Were some elements of the novel left out?  Of course they were.  Many of the sub-plots and narrative devices Alan Moore wrote into Watchmen just couldn't be translated to film or were cut for time's sake.  I'm sure many purists are upset about this, including Moore who I've heard vowed never to see the film, but the end product is still everything necessary to tell the story. To be honest, the end of the film makes MORE sense than the novel. (very small tweak)

My favorite scene from a difficult-to-orchestrate point of view was from the prison scene where Rorshach pins down the midget in the bathroom.  The setup of seeing exactly what Snyder wants you to see as the door swings back and forth just enough to see into the room twice.  Exquisite.  

The guys who played Dan Dreiberg and Rorshach were intense.  The characters from the novel basically jumped off the page and into the screen.  They were EXACTLY how I interpreted them from my reading of the novel.  Well done to all involved who made that happen.  I got chills when Rorshach yelled at the prisoners, "I'm not locked in here with you.  You're locked in here WITH ME."

Gosh, I wish I could gush endlessly about the film... 

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  1. I felt that Dr. Manhattan sounded the tiniest bit too sad/distant. In my mind he sounded like a mix between HAL from 2001: A Space Oddysey and his voice in the movie.

    But apart from that best comic book movie evar