10 July 2009

Currently on my lap

Look at this cute chihuahua...

09 July 2009

July Update

What's going on with me?

Been awhile since I wrote a new blog entry. The use of Twitter supplanted my need to blog outright during my three weeks in Atlanta. Since I returned home, the Twitter bug stuck with me and I've been getting by with microblogging. Feels like Twitter nets me more comments/feedback than blogging does, which is important to me for two reasons. One, it lets me know people are reading what I bother to say to the world. Two, I'm interested to know what people have to say about many of my ideas. Otherwise the blog just acts like a journal, which only interests me to a certain extent.

It's still early in July, but that only means there's less than a month until our next move and the wedding! Fortunately, life decided to add another curveball to the mix and I've lost 60% of my primary job working hours... which is more or less our sole income. Shit.

GameTap is pretty much hosed and continues to cut costs in idiotic ways. One of those ways is to reduce the amount of customer support and eliminate testing. Smart, eh?

Well, rather than pick up a third job, I've decided to look elsewhere to continue my career. The problem there is that Lisa is still looking for a job and there are only so many places where she can go. So, it's either wait for her to find something, which in all honesty could take some time, or let me find something and have an uncertain future for her career. Let's just say she didn't go to grad school to be a stay-at-home wife.

Currently, I have my sights set on Blizzard Entertainment and Microsoft's Project Natal group. There are two jobs at Blizz that I'm absolutely qualified for, another that's a long shot, and the Natal job is 50/50. I've dreamt of working for Blizzard since I was a child, so getting the opportunity to work for them would be legendary. From everything I've read about their campus, the people, the work ethic... it just sounds like the kind of business family I'm looking for.

Working on the Natal project is also very interesting to me. I'm not in love with Microsoft like I am with Blizzard, but the potential locked away in Natal is fascinating to me from a game designer viewpoint. And that's just what the job is, game design. My time at GameTap has exposed me to over a thousand games, I've gained an understanding of what kinds of games appeal to the various demographs, and I've gotten a taste of game development from our work on Sam & Max, URU Live, and Galactic Command. I've also got the background in computer science and programming to ease the game design aspect into the game programming phase. I believe that a designer who can create mock-ups and write pseudocode is a valuable asset to a thinktank like Natal. Also, working with Johnny Lee would be awesome =)

The biggest downside about these jobs is that they are all on the west coast. Guess how many people I know on the west coast? One. I only have two friends nearby in Denver, so most of my friend interaction is online already. I have to think working at Blizz or Natal is instant people connection for me, but I'd still be moving further away from everyone I know now, which does translate into seeing them less often. Ultimately, I'll have Lisa with me wherever we go and that's a VERY comforting thought. Marriage FTW!

Let's see, what else is going on... Oh! We are thinking of selling the Jetta to Lisa's parents. Her mom is looking for a more fuel-efficient vehicle and we were looking to offload our second car. Originally, this had a lot to do with the fact that Lisa commutes via bicycle or public transportation and I worked from home. I won't be working from home anymore, but selling the Jetta may be the kick in the pants I need to pursue public transportation. It's financially smart, economically responsible, and I even get to play on my iPhone or PSP on the commute. The Jetta has also retained enough of its value that the money we could get for it would help us through this difficult economic transition and would pay off the majority of the remaining loan. Can't think of any serious cons, what do you think?