09 November 2009

Yes, I'm a Jerk

A blog jerk. I just said on the 25th that I would be returning to regular blogging. That happened to be two days before we lost Internet service for the move to the new house AND a trip to Atlanta for work.

Nyehhhh, sorry about that. I'm home again now, with speedy Internets, and full of topics to blog about. I've even been invited to write for a new gaming blog, gamesforbreakfast.net. So much to write about!

A recent dream gave me an idea for a story (too late to start a NaNoWriMo project). A sleepy Texas town lucks out and gets a stop in the World Wrestling Entertainment tour. It's the talk of the town for weeks and is guaranteed to sell out the local venue. Main character works for the venue, is either a prankster or lambent entertainer and decides to alter the ticket date and shock the town's redneck demograph with a secret project of his own... Alternatively, main character is revealing his big project at the venue the day after the WWE show and it is random chance that alters the ticket dates, securing him a large audience, which shocks not just the crowd, but the main character. Thoughts?

In other news, I'm thoroughly pleased with my upgrade to Windows 7. I like the new Apple-esque taskbar and love being able to hit the Windows key and type the name of any program or file I'm looking for. Faster than navigating Explorer or the Start Menu.

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  1. Read your first blog for the game site- cool! Why don't your twitters show up on your blog anymore?