06 January 2010

Too Many Games

The other day I had to sit down and compose a list of games I've missed that I've wanted to play.  It took me awhile and I don't know when I'm going to get around to them!  In no particular order-

Games to Play
Uncharted 2
Demon's Souls
Resident Evil 5
Batman Arkham Asylum
Killzone 2
Assassin's Creed 2
Star Wars Force Unleashed
Valkyria Chronicles
Devil Summoner - DS
Eternal Sonata

Games to Play More
Left 4 Dead 2
Modern Warfare 2
Republic Commando
Mario Kart Wii

All of these games either got stellar reviews from press, from friends, or had demos that had me wanting more.  The games in the second list I presently own and need to play more of.  Has anyone played through any of the titles above and recommend I not even bother?

This topic brings me to a bigger picture complaint of mine.  There's too much media!  I'm currently working one weekend a month and I can't put a dent into playing through all this stuff.  And that list is mostly the big-budget, AAA-titles I've missed.  What about all the great indie stuff that is under my radar?  Without actually playing the games, how do I know which ones I can safely disregard or live without?  As an example, the general reception of Brutal Legend was only OK, but the game was basically designed for me specifically.

The light side of this problem is we are just now pulling out of the heavy winter season of game releases.  After January, only a couple must-have games will come out between then and next winter, giving me time to catch up on all the gaming goodness.

Multi-season television series are a problem of a greater magnitude.  I need a Time-Turner.

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