21 June 2011

Game of Thrones

I finished season 1 of HBO's Game of Thrones tonight.  The finale was light on plot, heavy on emotion.  I think I would have intertwined last episode's close with the finale's close for one super season ending. 

Season one is an incredible production by HBO.  I love that they were able to make an entire season of high quality fantasy and make it appealing AFAIK to the general public.  I'm glad that season two is already on the way, but I'm not sure if I can wait before I start reading the books.  I'd love to know, in a spoiler-free response, how much the main plot points have diverged from the books, if at all.

Green Lantern

While on a business trip, I saw Green Lantern in 3D in order to hang out with colleagues for the evening.  You must know how much that pained me.

Evil 3D aside, I hadn't planned on seeing the movie since I know nothing of the Green Lantern and Ryan Reynolds has a habit of being a smarmasaur.  The movie was trite and featured poor writing, characters, and action.  The only noteworthy aspect was Peter Sarsgaard, who continues to be excellent in every role he plays.  I loved his creeper look, emotional scars, and crippled-body/super-intelligent motif.

Tonight, I decided to look up some history on Green Lantern on Wikipedia, but didn't see much that interested me.  I got a notion that there is some good lore and stories in the GL universe based on the tragedy that was the film, but the Wikipedia articles didn't back that up (in my opinion).  Holler at me if you're a Lantern fan.