25 July 2011

Captain America

I went with Kyle, Katy, Michael. Josh, Lauren, and Dan to see Captain America today.  I wasn't super stoked about it, but when I learned the director (Joe Johnston) was part of the 1970s Spielberg/Lucas club, my interest level rose.

It was maddeningly average.  I had average expectations and they were fully met.  Nothing majorly disappointing, but nothing wow'ed me, either.  I think The Avengers film next near could be a ton of fun, and all of these Marvel origin stories have done a good job of making me excited for an ensemble cast and a huge plot arc inspired by the canon.

I think I liked the Chris Evans portrayal of Cap, but little else was interesting.  Tommy Lee Jones played a very Tommy Lee Jones character. Most of the supporting cast had little to work with.  I would have liked to see a better script for Howard Stark and Red Skull.  Hugo Weaving did not disappoint, but the motivation for his character was minimal.  It didn't amount to anything more than "he's bad, so... yeah".

Good job in the stunts of making Cap look superhuman, except whenever he jumped long distances.  The SFX industry still hasn't nailed that look.  Though, it's hard to criticize when there's no reference material!  How will we figure out what that is supposed to look like?

Oooh and minor spoiler, but I did like the plot point that he became a super soldier yet didn't immediately go fight bad guys.  Nice touch to the script.

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