12 February 2012

Board Game Weekend

Tons of board gaming this weekend! Almost as good as a convention weekend!

We played:
7 Wonders
The Resistance
Shadow Hunters
Falling (Goblin edition)
Flash Duel: Second edition

First time playing 7 Wonders though I had heard great things about it at PAX Prime and Dragon*Con in 2011. I was definitely stoked to try a game that was described to me as "playing a Magic: The Gathering booster draft." That description is terrifically accurate. Great game length (~30m), strategies that must evolve every turn, lots of replayability, high decision density per minute.

This was our second sitting of The Resistance and the roles and strategies made more sense to our spies this time around. We only played a single game and spies took it on Mission 5. It's as yet unclear if the game can be perfectly deducted in a logical fashion. We also haven't tried putting in the Plot cards to mix things up. So far, still like it more than Werewolf due to lack of player elimination and no heads down time.

Shadow Hunters I had not heard of until today. It's another game built around masked roles and figuring out who's who. It's comparable to Bang! in that you get a role belonging to one of three factions, run around and shoot people while looking for new items and identity clues. After playing it twice, I think I can say I would never play Bang! again if Shadow Hunters is available. Turns go by rather quickly, but this is largely because of a low decision density. Still fun though!

Falling is a neat card game because it's played in real-time (like Spit, Slapjack, ERF, Jungle Speed). A dealer goes around in a circle, dealing cards to each player's stack, which simulates falling through the air towards the ground. At the bottom of the deck is nothing but ground cards and you're out when dealt one. Last person to be in the air is the winner. It's fun because you're frantically trying to move negative cards to opponents, prevent negative cards from playing on you, and queue up cards that make the dealer skip your turn. Hard to describe. It takes playing 1-2 games to get the idea. Fine because a game is 3-5 minutes.

Flash Duel! OMG Flash Duel! It's the last game of David Sirlin's to join my collection. I now own all three games in the Fantasy Strike universe (Yomi and Puzzle Strike being the others).  Flash Duel is Sirlin's take on fencing game En Guarde. Players face each other on a numbered tile bridge and try to score points on each other. Sirlin's take adds additional moves to the game as well as specialized character abilities that add some much needed breadth and depth to the formula.  Games take 5-10 mins and the box includes modes for 1v1, 2v2, and a special 4v1 "raid boss" mode!

I'm worn out... but I'm always glad to try out new games and think about what makes them fun, strategic, etc.

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  1. Shadow hunters i think is only going to get better as we play more and understand the mechanics better. There's a learning curve around how to behave, just like there is around how to act as a cylon in BSG. i know you heard it compared to bang first, but honestly it felt more like the good parts of BSG with none of the long time consuming aspects.