18 August 2012

GenCon day 2

I'm lying in bed, at the close of day 2 of GenCon. It's been a mega blast so far.

This is my first time at GenCon. The next closest con I've been to of this type (primary focus=tabletop games) was Origins in 1997. I can't overstate how awesome it is to see a tabletop con in 2012 after not attending one for 15 years. 30K people are here for this thing that I love.

If the people attending a con with me weren't a factor, this would probably be my favorite con. Since they are a huge factor me, this is my second favorite con. They people I've been hanging out with, Chris, Lisa, Jess, Kate, and JP are all fabulous.

I'm actually here to work the Asmadi Games booth, which is also in partnership with the Game Salute booth. I'm super excited to be working with both entities. It has been amazing to spend my days teaching and demoing games I like to con attendees. Cool to work alongside the guys from Cards Against Humanity, Tom Vasel, Tasty Minstrel Games, Cryptozoic, etc.

Some neat stuff I've seen so far:
- Sol Forge, new digital CCG
- Consequential alpha, Asmadi's new co-op story-driven episodic board game
- Goko, a company bringing cross-platform board games to desktop and mobile with HTML5
- a limo crossed with a giant chicken
- Zooloretto, an award winning Rio Grande game
- a new game sell out in 5 minutes ( Android: Netrunner)

Speaking of which, there should be some additional copies available in the morning, so I'm'a go to bed in order to be up in time to snag one.

More later.