03 May 2013

Android: Netrunner Colorado Regionals

Huzzah! I will be attending the 2013 Android: Netrunner World Championships this fall. Big thanks to Petrie's Family Games, Matt, and Tobin for all of their contributions to the Colorado Regionals event.



Data Raven on R&D/HQ is great at inhibiting the runner... until they decide tags are meaningless and make several runs in a row to find something. Had a minor freak out when I realized I was no longer defended at a critical moment. Runner was about to lose and made 2 runs on R&D to try and find the game-winning agenda, completely disregarding all the text on Data Raven. Lesson learned- DR is great solo defense on R&D against Criminal, but needs an ETR or damage-inflicting Ice to support it later.

My economy-attacking Criminal deck makes use of Cortez Chip, an underplayed card IMO. This card scales in usefulness as the level of competition increases. The more skilled the Corp player, the more often I see that player have exactly the amount of credits they need for their plans. A sudden Cortez Chip can devastate such plans. Used in combination with Forged Activation Orders, a critical piece of Ice can be trashed, opening the way for Gabe.

My NBN Fast Advance deck fell apart when experiencing an agenda drought. Early game, I'm usually ready to start scoring some agendas, but when the deck shuffle yields a drought, I have to find some kind of plan B to keep the runner busy. The worst games for my NBN left me making money while the runner setup his rig. Getting a steady stream of agendas (maybe 1 every 4-5 draws?) is critical to keep the runner pressured. Have to think about how to tweak that deck to keep the runner busy when I'm not scoring agendas right away.