03 June 2013

Getting Lost

A year ago, I'd have told you I don't understand the point of "getting lost." What I mean by that is the mentality of letting go of control and seeing where things lead.

I've been sampling this concept for a couple months now and I must say this robo-heart of mine is seeing stuff in a new light. There's a lot of cool shit out there just waiting to be found.

Game of Thrones

With respect to the events of tonight's episode, I'll never forget where I was, what I was doing, or how I felt when I read that part of the book. That was two years ago. It remains the most horrific thing I've ever read in fiction.

Tonight, I had a blanket pulled up to my face and Hannah said I started to hyperventilate right before it went down.

Since I started the books after the first season aired, I now have two memories of that event with those same actors. It's strange. Both will haunt me, but the filmed scene will never be as memorable as the book.