15 August 2013

My Special Friends

Two days ago, I announced an announcement. Worse than that, I said I'd reveal details of that announcement yesterday. I suck. 

Some background first. About a month ago, I broke my clavicle in a bicycle accident while commuting to work. Upon discovering the cost to me for surgery, I had to make the difficult decision to cancel my Labor Day weekend plans to attend any conventions. 

Skip ahead to Tuesday of this week, when I was lured to Josh and Casey's house under the pretext of baked goods. Entering the door, I find six of my closest friends in business attire, seated at the table with legal pads, a pitcher of water, and a Mac with a presentation on screen. This immediately put me on edge. Despite never having been to one, it turns out a person knows immediately when they've walked into an intervention. Thus began a 20 minute presentation from all parties stating how Dragon*Con just isn't the same without me. Wow. I was completely blown away by the effort and love that had gone into this presentation. However, the whole time I'm feeling terrible because I had resolved not to spend the money. 

It turns out, my friends had organized a crowd funding campaign to raise the money for a flight, hotel, and badge to Dragon*Con. How about that? And apparently it only took a couple hours before the funds had mostly been raised. Double wow. 

So... I will be attending Dragon*Con after all, thanks to the help of my friends, who are all completely amazing. I truly don't know what I've done to deserve such caring and giving friends, but I promise to bring my A-game this year and make one memorable con for everyone. 

13 August 2013

Pre Gen Con

Netrunner decks are prepped. Last minute testing will happen tomorrow night at Total Escape Games in Thornton. The US Championships are Friday... wish me luck!

I am nearly overwhelmed at the number of people I know who are now attending Gen Con. KYLE, Tim, Amber, Rob L, Andy, Chris C, Kate, Chris H, Loren, and Clint! WHAT.

Games to bring:

  • Dungeon Roll
  • Netrunner (duh)
  • Get Bit
  • Love Letter
  • Yomi?
  • Light Speed
  • Paint the Line
  • Purge?
Anything else I should bring? I'd rather avoid any big box games in favor of traveling light with one bum arm. That and it is freaking GEN CON and there are a zillion games there I haven't played! 

Is there anything you want me to seek out and test?

I'll also have a couple copies of Republic Brewing Company on me. I will be sitting in the Playtesters Hall for a couple hours each day looking for feedback before I enter the final phase of design. I'll be updating @AnsibleGames with any playtesting activity and @TheRyanBurke with all other Gen Con shenanigans.