15 August 2013

My Special Friends

Two days ago, I announced an announcement. Worse than that, I said I'd reveal details of that announcement yesterday. I suck. 

Some background first. About a month ago, I broke my clavicle in a bicycle accident while commuting to work. Upon discovering the cost to me for surgery, I had to make the difficult decision to cancel my Labor Day weekend plans to attend any conventions. 

Skip ahead to Tuesday of this week, when I was lured to Josh and Casey's house under the pretext of baked goods. Entering the door, I find six of my closest friends in business attire, seated at the table with legal pads, a pitcher of water, and a Mac with a presentation on screen. This immediately put me on edge. Despite never having been to one, it turns out a person knows immediately when they've walked into an intervention. Thus began a 20 minute presentation from all parties stating how Dragon*Con just isn't the same without me. Wow. I was completely blown away by the effort and love that had gone into this presentation. However, the whole time I'm feeling terrible because I had resolved not to spend the money. 

It turns out, my friends had organized a crowd funding campaign to raise the money for a flight, hotel, and badge to Dragon*Con. How about that? And apparently it only took a couple hours before the funds had mostly been raised. Double wow. 

So... I will be attending Dragon*Con after all, thanks to the help of my friends, who are all completely amazing. I truly don't know what I've done to deserve such caring and giving friends, but I promise to bring my A-game this year and make one memorable con for everyone. 

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