13 August 2013

Pre Gen Con

Netrunner decks are prepped. Last minute testing will happen tomorrow night at Total Escape Games in Thornton. The US Championships are Friday... wish me luck!

I am nearly overwhelmed at the number of people I know who are now attending Gen Con. KYLE, Tim, Amber, Rob L, Andy, Chris C, Kate, Chris H, Loren, and Clint! WHAT.

Games to bring:

  • Dungeon Roll
  • Netrunner (duh)
  • Get Bit
  • Love Letter
  • Yomi?
  • Light Speed
  • Paint the Line
  • Purge?
Anything else I should bring? I'd rather avoid any big box games in favor of traveling light with one bum arm. That and it is freaking GEN CON and there are a zillion games there I haven't played! 

Is there anything you want me to seek out and test?

I'll also have a couple copies of Republic Brewing Company on me. I will be sitting in the Playtesters Hall for a couple hours each day looking for feedback before I enter the final phase of design. I'll be updating @AnsibleGames with any playtesting activity and @TheRyanBurke with all other Gen Con shenanigans.

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