A New Beginning

After taking a break from blogging for a few years, I’ve decided to reboot theryanburke.com. I’ve departed Google’s Blogger platform and now I’m running my own blog with Hugo deployed on AWS.

What’s new with me? I’ve been working for AWS for four and a half years. I moved from Denver to Seattle and back. I got married. Bought a house. Adopted a cat. Life is good.

With the reboot of the blog, my intent is to move away from slice of life content and use this space more as a journal for projects, initiatives, and ideas. Home ownership, digital privacy, sustainable living, creative musings, that sort of thing. This blog isn’t intended to be for anyone but myself, though I suspect a few people in my life are interested in following along. I welcome any and all feedback or dialog to my email address if you have it. I have no plans for enabling public comments here.

With that, I’ll move on to my first topic: digital privacy.